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Unanimous Approval for Thermal Beach Club

The Riverside Board of Supervisors gave unanimous approval for the construction of the Thermal Beach Club. The one billion dollar project by WhiteStar Development will feature private residences surrounding a 20-acre lagoon powered by American Wave Machines, PerfectSwell® wave-making technology. Sandy beaches and a boardwalk will encompass the lagoon bringing the feel of the ocean to the desert.

Artists Concept of Thermal Beach Club

The Thermal Beach Club will bring a bright future to the Eastern Coachella Valley. Although ground breaking is 12-18 months away, it promises jobs, tax revenue, tourists, infrastructure upgrades to benefit the community which has been hard-hit by the pandemic. Notable too, WhiteStar Development will be giving $2,300 per home built to the local community that they can use as they see fit--estimated to be $749,800.


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