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Thermal Beach Club Surf Lagoon Approved

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The Riverside County planning commission unanimously approved the construction of a 240-acre resort centered around a wave pool on Kohl Ranch, a 2,200-acre property in Coachella Valley's unincorporated community of Thermal.

The Thermal Beach Club will be cornerstone for the development of an upscale tourist destination in a rural part of the Eastern Coachella Valley that has struggled to keep pace with the wealthier nearby cities.

At the heart of the Thermal Beach Club is a 20-acre (or 21-acre according to some) Crystal Surf Lagoon powered by American Wave Machines' PerfectSwell® technology, similar to what is used at the BSR Surf Resort in Waco Texas. So what can surfer's expect from these waves? According to WavePoolMag:

This technology is the engine behind Waco’s success. While not as long and perfect as Kelly’s wave nor as frequent as a fully cranked up Wavegarden Cove, PerfectSwell delivers what many surfers have described as the most fun wave pool on the market today.

Here are some views of BSR Surf Ranch in Waco, Texas:

And this is what the Thermal Beach Club looks like today in the Coachella Valley:

Site of Thermal Beach Club, Coachella Valley

The water to surf this land will come from infrastructure already built to fill and maintain a lake at Kohl Ranch. The surf pool/lagoon be fillefed by treated water from a reservoir fed by a canal according to WhiteStar Development LLC which is heading the development.

According to the Desert Sun the Thermal Beach Club will, in addition to the surfing lagoon, also feature 326 units on 210 residential lots comprised of bungalows, villas and estates. A 16,000-square foot recreational center with a spa and exercise room. An 8,000-square foot swimming pool and bar. Plus, a 4,500-square foot clubhouse restaurant with bar, retail shop and kitchen.

The Kohl Ranch is also home to The Thermal Club, which bills itself as, "The Ultimate Motorsport Club and Resort Community -- an all-inclusive private destination for the distinguished motorsport enthusiast." Whereas the Thermal Beach Club centers around a massive surf pool, the Thermal Club's luxury villas surround a 5.1 racing circuit.


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