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Surfing the World for Planned Wave Pools

The Coachella Valley is not the only place in the world where surfers are waiting for the completion of local wave pools. Every continent, save Antarctica, will soon be able to claim they have surfing. New wave pool technologies are bringing surfing to the landlocked. Soon we can plan surf trips to Botswana and even Mongolia.

Thanks to the research of WavePoolMag, we can keep on top of the latest developments with their monthly Surf Planner Updates: interactive maps and facts about the latest wave pool spots.

At present they are tracking some fifty known wave pool projects around the globe, and where possible they report on the latest news and images from the sites.

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Surf on over to WavePoolMag in your web browser and discover what the future of surfing can be. And signup for their newsletter or see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.


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