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Surfing the Waves in La Quinta?

Maybe. At least their are hints of it in the desert air. In May 2019 Meriwether Companies purchased about 400 acres west of Andalusia Country Club in La Quinta for $29 million. They bought the property under the name CM Wave Development LLC.

The land is approved for homes and golf course use. However, given the numerous golf courses in the area, coupled with the decline in golf's popularity, Meriwether Companies were thinking ahead. In fact CM Wave Development filed incorporation on April 29, 2019, just days before the purchase.

Andalusia Country Club in La Quinta

A surf park is “absolutely something that we’re considering,” according to Garrett Simon, a Meriwether Companies partner. In an interview with the Desert Sun, he said, "Compared to a golf course, a surf park would use less water. The reality is, you’re dealing with evaporation, not use. It really is significantly less than a golf course.”

The next step is for them to submit an application for modification to the homes/golf course zoning which they plan before the end of the year. The process may be helped because Meriwether Companies already has holdings in the Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage area.

We'll keep you posted on what develops.


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