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Surfing Down Under: URBNSURF Melbourne

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Australia has a rich surfing heritage and great coastal surf spots, but they too are looking to bring surfing inland with the soon to open URBNSURF Melbourne, the world’s first full-sized Wavegarden Cove.

They're stoked to be building Australia's first surf park and their description of why the inland surf spot is so cool, could easily apply to the Coachella Valley's upcoming surf resorts:

Surfing is a sport enjoyed by millions of Australians for its fun, health benefits and lifestyle. Up until now, surfing has been held back by geographic limitations, only available at certain coastal locations, and by weather conditions, needing enough swell, the right wind, tide and daylight. Located just 23 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, URBNSURF Melbourne unlocks these limitations and allows surfers to enjoy their sport safely, more easily and more often.

Check out this video of the construction of the enormous wave pool and how the Wavegarden will work.

URBNSURF is also planning to open a Wavegarden Cove in Sydney in 2021 at the Syndey Olympic Park.


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