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Coachella Valley Weather

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

The Coachella Valley is nestled amidst the San Gorgonia mountains to the north, the San Jacinto Mountains to the west, the Little San Bernardino Mountains on the east, the Santa Rosa Mountains to the southwest and the Salton Sea to the southeast.

The valley's geographic location creates a climate that is sunny, hot and dry with little rain fall. The winters are sunny and mild. Sure the summers are hot -- very hot as this annual average sun/rain chart by month from NOAA, in Fahrenheit and Celsius, tells the sunny and dry story.

Annua Temperature and Rain Fall in Palm Desert

Indeed it is the very climate that encourages developers to lure surfers to wave pools in the Coachella Valley. Unlike golf, surfers can enjoy the waves all day and night all year long. Plus, wave pools use only half the water of a golf course, and can be powered by solar and wind power.


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