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Learning to Surf with CVSC

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

A major mission of the Coachella Valley Surf Club (CVSC) is, "to promote surfing as a healthy lifestyle sport to people of all ages and abilities." Part of this mission is teaching young people the basics of surfing. This gives them a foundation upon which to build their skills and and safely have fun throughout their life. And, with the advent of wave pools, no ocean is necessary.

The pandemic has slowed the opening of surfing in wave pools in the Coachella Valley, but not surfing in the Pacific. In February, just before the shut down, Dave Hilts and the Coachella Valley Surf Club and Oceanside Longboard Surf Club welcomed the East Valley Board Riders from Desert Mirage High School in Thermal, CA to Oceanside for some serious surfing lessons and lots of fun. The high school students sported wetsuits and surfboards donated by CVSC last December.



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