La Quinta Getting Kelly Slater's Biggest Waves

Last October we reported that a wave pool may soon come to La Quinta when about 400 acres were purchased west of Andalusia Country Club in May of 2019 (read here). Now speculation is over.

The planning and approval phase has started for Coral Mountain, a full-service resort with hotel, homes, dining, amenities and the highlight of the resort -- a wave basin that "...will provide the largest, rideable open-barrel, human-made waves in the world."

Artist's Rendering of Coral Mountain Wave Basin

Kelly Slater, 11-time world champion surfer and founder of Kelly Slater Wave Company, a division of the World Surf League, is teaming with Meriwether Companies and Big Sky Wave Developments to realize the building of the Coral Mountain resort wave basin. Construction is forecast to begin in early 2021 and to open in 2022.

The exact nature of the 18-million gallon surf/wave basin is still opaque, but promises to be special and produce the world's largest artificial waves. According to NBC News: "The Coral Mountain wave would have room for about 25 surfers at a time — about five on the main wave and 10 each on the smaller waves at each end of the basin."

It is also speculated that there will be other water features such as a series of ponds for stand up paddle boarding and even electric hydrofoil boards that lift riders out of the water, according to the LA Times. And to appeal to a more sport-minded land visitor, there may be snaking skateboard runs, mountain bike trails, and even electric motorcycle runs.

The addition of Coral Mountain to the trio of already approved surf/wave pools/lagoons/basins -- Palm Springs Surf Club, DSRT Surf, Thermal Beach Club -- will make the Coachella Valley a world-class surfing mecca for all seasons and ages.